What is IT Innovation Bootcamp?

1 day event dedicated to the introduction of the creation and transformation of innovative ideas into real projects
Participants will have the opportunity to try out the process of creation of innovation through Design Thinking methodology
Participants will receive feedback on their innovative solution from lecturers with academic and business background

Organization of the Bootcamp

Registration for the Bootcamp - via website; Participants will need to fill in registration form and send a cover letter or a presentation
24 participants will be selected according to their cover letter, they will be divided into 8 teams
Teams will choose one theme from the list from Horizon 2020 (program Health, Demographic Change and Well Being) and work on it during the Bootcamp
Participants will work with their idea and transform it into the final project proposal using the presented Design Thinking methodology
Participants will have the opportunity to consult each phase of Design Thinking and the process of creation of innovation with the experts
At the end of the Bootcamp a Pitching Session will take place and teams will present their project proposals

Judging criteria & Winner Selection

Each project will be rated on a scale of 1 - 10:
Its applicability in the Košice region
Innovation potential
IT and technological trends
Business case and sustainability of the project
Impact on the citizens of the Košice region
Feasibility of the project
Projects evaluation will be carried out by an expert committee.

What kind of prices can be won?

Prices up to 4 500 EUR
Each participant will be rewarded


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